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Your partner in space maintenance.
We care about the cleanliness and functionality of your space

The company S.P.E.C. services d.o.o. primarily deals with the outsourcing of cleaning and maintenance of business facilities and office spaces, as well as general cleaning after construction works and adaptations.

As we expand the network of our clients, so do our activities, activities that are closely related to maintenance, management and cleaning of premises. Thus, in addition to cleaning for our clients, according to their needs, we also perform the following additional services:

  • Supply of sanitary clothing (hand paper, toilet paper and soap, we install holders for hygienic clothing and take care of consumption)
  • Making minor repairs (janitor services)
  • Electrician services (minor and major repairs)
  • Removal of old office furniture to the landfill
  • machine cleaning of underground garages,
  • machine cleaning of production halls and hard surfaces,
  • machine cleaning of hard washable floor surfaces.
  • deep cleaning of carpets and rugs
  • High-pressure washing of outdoor areas of the yard and roads
  • Snow removal
  • Removal of old office furniture, and removal of office furniture to a landfill
  • Sweeping the exterior and interior surfaces of parking lots

A special group of our services consists of administrative services, performed by our administrative department. With administrative services, we want to provide the client with the service of relieving their resources from everyday administrative tasks. Our employees will be happy to perform simpler administrative tasks that take a lot of your time, and will allow you to focus on the development of your core business. That's how we perform for clients:

  • Help when opening a company d.o.o. , j.d.o.o.
  • Opening of the company d.o.o., j.d.o.o.
  • Filling in various forms
  • Going to the post office, Fina and other institutions
  • Creation of travel orders
  • Elaboration of various Regulations, Work Instructions, Decisions, Offers, letters
  • Keeping records of workers' working hours
  • Finding the best offers for goods and services
  • Organization of meetings
  • Preparation of documentation for Accounting
  • Organization of meetings
  • Business consulting.

The company has several larger and smaller machines for cleaning floor surfaces, high-pressure washers and machines for sweeping surfaces.

We offer machine rental without an operator to all interested clients who need a one-time or long-term rental of cleaning machines.

We carry out removal of old office furniture from the location to an authorized recycling center. Our employees provide a fast and high-quality service, and at the same time we issue the client with an accompanying waste sheet.

Our projects

General cleaning after construction works
Blato Elementary School
High-pressure washing of asphalt surfaces and general cleaning after construction works
Children's home AG Matoš
Machine cleaning of hard surfaces and general cleaning
Primary school Vugrovec
Machine cleaning of floor surfaces
University of Vern
General cleaning after construction works
Tržnica Glina
Underground garage washing
BHB Center


Radnička cesta 184,
10000 Zagreb


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+385 (0)95/701-08- 49


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